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Welcome to „Jungline” – a service that will help all of you to find out more about the „Collected Works”. Though these works are still on their way to become the „Complete Works”, the process of enhancing of what Jung said and wrote down is more than ever an ongoing enterprise. While the philemon-foundation is working out the „Complete Works”, I would like to invite you to explore the Jung-Universe that is already existing in a digital format by sending me any request of what you are looking for. It might be a special word or a subject you are working on. I will start locating any matchings and then building up an overview upon the material. In the past, the majority of request had been successful and right to the point. It had saved a lot of research time for customers as well as time for typing quotations. So on their way back to you via email the quotations could be used immediately and easily!

After having worked out some of these requests, I builded up a database of cross-references and topics that could be useful. While working on the text material (searching and structuring, gathering quotations and definitions) I more and more saw the differences and difficulties in translations. Along the work I found 450 printing mistakes in the german version and 30 % of the greek quotation that is wrongly typesetted, sometimes totally missing (e. g. in the anglo-american issue). The whole Jung text corpus is not and will probably never be free of errors but while working on it I experienced more and more worthful things in it.

The german as well as the english version of the Collected Works are now searchable!

Here’s a list of all the volumes that have been digitized so far:

First, here is the Anglo-American version:
(please note that screen pages do not match print pages! The list below shows print pages.)

Volume          intl.Nr.   Title                                                                   Pages

1 Psychiatric studies 124 1
2 Experimental Researches 614 2
3 The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease 280 3
4 Freud and Psychoanalysis 348 4
5 Symbols of Transformation  372 5
6 Psychological Types 563 6
7 2 Essays on Analytical Psychology 308 7
8 The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche 540 8
9 The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious 432 9/1
10 Aion 280 9/2
11 Civilisation in Transition 580 10
12 Psychology and Religion West and East    620 11
13 Psychology and Alchemy 492 12
14 Alchemical Studies 359 13
15 Mysterium Coniunctionis (1. Volume) 256 14/1
16 Mysterium Coniunctionis (2. Volume) 180 14/2
17 Mysterium Coniunctionis (3. Volume) only in German 439 14/3
18 The Spirit in Man, Art & Literature 146 15
19 The Practice of Psychotherapy 331 16
20 The Development of Personality 208 17
21 The Symbolic Life I 420 18/1
22 The Symbolic Life II 205 18/2
23 Letters I (1906-1945) 404 19/1
24 Letters II (1946-1955) 576 19/2
25 Letters III (1956-1961) 38 19/3
26 Dream Analysis 202 20
27 Dreams, memories and reflections 402 21
Seminars Analytical Psychology (to come)
Childrens Dreams (to come)
Total 9784 pages

German :

Volume          intl.Nr.   Titel                                                                   pages

1 Psychiatrische Studien 237 1
2 Experimentelle Untersuchungen 620 2
3 Psychogenese der Geisteskrankheiten 308 3
4 Freud und die Psychoanalyse 393 4
5 Symbole der Wandlung 616 5
6 Psychologische Typen 598 6
7 2 Schriften über analytische Psychologie 320 7
8 Die Dynamik des Unbewußten 578 8
9 Die Archetypen und das KUBW 432 9/1
10 Aion 302 9/2
11 Zivilisation im Übergang 628 10
12 Zur Psychologie westl. und östl. Religion 621 11
13 Psychologie und Alchemie 584 12
14 Studien über Alchemistische Vorstellungen 396 13
15 Mysterium Coniunctionis (1. Band) 294 14/1
16 Mysterium Coniunctionis (2. Band) 361 14/2
17 Mysterium Coniunctionis (3. Band) 439 14/3
18 Über das Phänomen des Geistes in Kunst... 163 15
19 Praxis der Psychotherapie 329 16
20 Über die Entwicklung der Persönlichkeit 234 17
21 Das symbolische Leben 471 18/1
22 Das symbolische Leben II 417 18/2
23 Briefe I (1906-1945) 498 19/1
24 Briefe II (1946-1955) 525 19/2
25 Briefe III (1956-1961) 389 19/3
26 Seminare Analytische Psychologie 202 20
27 Kinderträume 644 21
28 Traumanalyse 753 22
29 Zofingia Vorträge 150 23
30 Träume, Erinnerungen, Gedanken 419 24
Total 12921 pages

I have also digitized two volumes of Erich Neumann:

Ursprungsgeschichte des Bewusstseins

Die Grosse Mutter

And (only German!) : Studienausgabe Sigmund Freud (4500 pages)

Please note that these volumes of E. Neumann are available only in german!

But searches are easy to transfer into english ;-)

How to use the quotation service:

After having received your request, I will start locating any matchings and then building up an overview upon the material.

The flat rate (covering the cost for installation, search and structuring) is 59 €. This includes up to 4 pages of material found in the CW. I will inform you how much text the research has accumulated in total.

Depending on the context-relevance of the material and the priority of helpful and more redundant text, the flat rate will be the fundament, no matter how much text material will be delivered in the end.

The material will then be transformed into quotation material, so that any copyright vulneration is avoided. After payment by PayPal, you will immediately receive the material by e-mail. Please note that the material is individually produced for research. The service is not transferable to anyone else.

The material is for personal use only. You can order any request via my website or by email henning @

Starting with a flat rate of 59.-€,

- additional quantity of 4-20 pages will be charged with 59.-€
- more than 20 pages: on demand,
- additional services will be charged with 49.- €/h

When it is obvious that the material will be more than 20 pages, I’ll send you an individual email-offer!

An example:

I have found 16 pages of material after searching for a specific word.

It sums up to 59.-€ for flat rate and another 59.-€ for material (more than 4, but not more than 20 pages) = 108 € in total.

I hope to gain some interest among the jungian community and I would be glad to receive orders.
Please feel free to send me any requests, questions or critics. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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